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www.graphite-solutions.com | Tuesday, 03 March 2015
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Graphite - Behaviour Analysis Database

Graphite is a database and analysis system that works in the same way as you do.

  • You define the data that you want to store
  • You extract the information that you want to analyse
  • You graph or print the results almost instantly
  • Graphite was designed with the help of psychologists who work in the British Healthcare Service. The result is a computer system that reflects the many different aspects of information recording and analysis that occur within the care of clients who demonstrate challenging behavior.

    Graphite has the ability to import information from other applications or from other Graphite implementations.
    Data stored within Graphite may also be exported and used in other applications, for example Word (as a mailmerge file), Excel, or another Graphite implementation.

    Follow the link for a .pdf version of our brochure: Graphite Solutions Brochure


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